Last Sunday on Scriptural Sense, I shared with you an important truth – even though people are important in life, the people you lack are not really limitation to you.

One of the responses I got from the post was that there is no way we can limit what God wants to do as humans because God is Almighty.Let me emphasis my point and clarify the possible misunderstanding that must have triggered his response.

God is Almighty and has the power to do anything!  There is nothing he has purposed in his heart to do that he lacks the capacity to work. He has no limit as a being.

Great is our Lord, and great his power; there is no limit to his wisdom.(Psa. 147:5 BBE)


However, my point is that we as human beings can limit the operation of God in our lives, lives of people around us and our society!


You see, God created the world by His Almighty power and put systems and principles in place its operation.


When you closely study His systems and principles you will find that there are things He cannot do, not because of lack of capacity; but because of limits imposed on him by humans.


“Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel.” (Psa. 78:41KJV)


God wanted to take the Israelites into Cannan but they said they can’t enter. Despite the great power of God at their disposal, they lingered in the wilderness for 400 years instead of 40days!


However, there are times that God doesn’t need any human agent in his executing his plans and answers to our prayer.


A case in point is the liberation of Paul and Silas from the prison. An angel came and broke their chains of bondage.


However, there are countless things God wants done on the earth that CANNOT happen without the participation of humans!


This doesn’t diminish God or reduce his supremacy; it’s just His system and principles for running the earth. He has empowered us to rule on the earth!


The Israelites cried to God to deliver them from the hands of cruel Pharaoh.


When Goddecided to answer their prayers, he didn’t fly down toEgypt; he looked down on the earth looking for a man to send!


He found Mosses and told him: Come, then, and I will send you to Pharaoh, so that you may take my people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.” (Exo 3:9 BBE).


God is Almighty and he controls the events of life. However, he needs human vessels to execute many of His work on the earth.


For every work that He does through human vessels, He takes the credit. He simply manifestsHis power through them.


Mosses simply obeyed the instructions of God and saw His mighty hands upon them; he was simply a tool not the doer!


If Mosses had refused to answer God, the people of Israel would have stayed longer in bondage unless God finds another man!


My dear, God is all powerful and can do anything. He can make our country Nigeria a better place. He can transform our educational sector.


He can make the youths to become more responsible. He can make every sphere of our lives better. He can ensure that failure rate in O’ Level English and Mathematics reduces to 1%.


However, He can’t come down physically to do it. He has is moving round the whole country looking for people who can corporate with Him so that he can empower them to make those changes.


God has equipped you with talents and skills, don’t limit him by your refusal to step out to work. If you follow His leading, he will use you to do great works on the earth!


Please, don’t limit the manifestation of His power, wisdom and nature through you by your refusal to go when He sends you or lack of faith in His ability to wrought powerful work through your hands.


Walhi, you can limit God; but I beg you not to. We need what He will produce through you!


My point?


God is Almighty and has no limit to what he can do. However, human beings can impose limit on his manifestations in their lives or society. That’s why you and I must be careful to ensure we don’t limit what God want to do through us!


Join me next Sunday on Scriptural Sense as I share with you another scriptural insight for living and do well to share this freely with anyone that may find it useful.



Joseph ‘Brojid’ Dinwoke